McDowell Security Protects Your Home, Business or Event:

Based in central Alabama McDowell Security is a locally owned full service security firm that provides trained personnel, and specialized equipment and technology to protect your home or business. Our clients include: small and large businesses who need periodic monitoring, and public events. Call us today and we will perform a security assessment for your home or business.
Event SecurityWe are a team of security Specialists. When you hire McDowell Security you are Hiring a firm that will put your Safety and Security first. No excuses just Reliable, Safe, and Secure Service. Our service stands on a different level of protection and can easily be differentiated from other security service. All our clients clearly know that we are completely different from all other security providers and not just different but different at a fundamental level. All our clients can feel that we are here to make a positive difference and this is our goal. We don’t just provide a service that could make you feel secure, we provide service that keeps you satisfied about your personal and business security. We work as a single team that is dedicated to provide complete customer satisfaction. Our staff members dwell from their core purpose and all care about our client’s protection. Our service is the same for all the employees of the business, whether it is the CEO or a new receptionist, we provide the best service. Our clients always feel that our security guards are alert, engaged and will protect them like a shield. We follow a proper set of rules that are made to provide complete protection and customer satisfaction. We are known for our values of honesty, value, healthy relationships, customer service and servant leadership both internally and externally. We follow these set of principles in our day-to-day activities and they help us provide our clients with service they deserve. We understand how important security is and this is why we never compromise on it. We know even a tiny mistake can be disastrous. Therefore we make sure our clients are properly protected and provide our services in a timely manner.